Kwong Von Glinow

Kwong Von Glinow

Lake Forest, IL


In the Loop

In the Loop is our proposal for an ADA accessible ramp that also serves as a gathering space for all to enjoy.

Originally designed for the San Antonio City Hall for All Accessibility Design competition,  we conceive In the Loop as a lightweight structure that can be deployed in different sites with minimum on-site construction. Responding to its historical milieu with a light touch, In the Loop comprises three ADA accessible ramps that ascend 6-and-a-half feet over three runs to reach San Antonio’s City Hall Entrance from Plaza de Armas. A staircase occupies the fourth run, completing the loop.

The ramp and the stair converge at City Hall’s common landing, creating an entrance for all. A grand circular opening, framed by the ramps and the stair of the loop, hosts community activities under the shade of a grand oak tree -  in the tradition of the Plaza de Armas.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Antonio, TX, US
Additional Credits: Team: Kwong Von Glinow
Lap Chi Kwong
Alison Von Glinow
Chieh Chih Chiang
Winee Lau
In collaboration with Kevin Lamyuktseung and Hal Weurtz