Konstadina Papagianni

Konstadina Papagianni

Athens, GR




G2 Architecture Lab, Ioánnina, GR, Architectural assistant

I worked as an architectural assistant at G2 Architecture Lab for about six months. G2 architects gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including interior design of commercial and housing buildings, heritage and conservation and industrial design. These were extremely valuable experiences that helped me understand the practical side of architecture which goes hand in hand with the creative aspect. G2 architects allowed me not only to sit in and observe a client contract negotiation and several budget meetings but also take part to the implementation of the projects. Moreover, I had the chance to master my computer skills and get advanced knowledge of 3ds Max and Auto Cad Architecture.

Sep 2013 - Mar 2014

Own | Construction & Development, London, GB, Internship

I made my second internship at Own | Construction & Development for two months just after my graduation from Aristotle University. My experience in Own differentiate me from other students because it has given me exposure to multiple aspects of the construction business so that I have a well-rounded feel for the daily operations of a large company. My short time at Own allowed me to apply everything I have learned and confirmed my passion for the world of Architecture. From the beginning, I was actively involved in all projects based on renovation of residents, worked closely with suppliers and participated in the design of the concepts. Own is comprised by chartered engineers, architects, interior designers, marketing consultants as well as a permanent, dedicated and skilled workforce of proven craftsmanship.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

C. Papagiannis & Co. Ltd., Ioánnina, GR, Internship

I made my first internship at C. Papagiannis & Co. Ltd. for about two years along with my studies. This was an excellent opportunity to develop my professional, interpersonal and leadership skills. My assignment employment is a recognized and skilful civil engineer, who gave me the chance to enter construction industry at the age of 21 and to experience different parts and areas of the business. The combination of having a strong support system during my internship made me feel like I was able to participate and help make decisions that impacted the projects in which I was working. C. Papagiannis & Co. Ltd. provides construction services including construction supervision, static design, renovation of commercial and industrial buildings and large scale transportation projects.

Feb 2010 - Mar 2012


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloníki, GR, BArch, Architect Engineer

Coming from a family with a background in the construction field, I was drawn by the Engineering field from a very early age. After graduating from Lyceum with excellent grades, I sat the Pan-Hellenic examinations and I achieved admission to the department of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In June 2013, I received my undergraduate degree as an Architect Engineer, after completing successfully an extensive, 5-year curriculum. Some of the topics that I found particularly interesting were those of ''From Design to Construction'' and ''Building Technology''. The courses I took on sustainability and dynamics of structures employed a combination of classroom instruction and in-the-field training, which certainly made them all the more useful and appealing. Sustainable design turned out to be the topic that became the highlight of my undergraduate studies. The study of double skin facades combined with the sustainable efficiency allowed me to grasp the essence of being a surveyor engineer. Soon after, I completed the diploma design thesis, a hotel based on a specific design concept, which taught me skills I will be able to use as a professional.

Feb 2008 - Jun 2013

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