Aristodimos Komninos

Aristodimos Komninos

Athens, GR

The Commercial and Urban Agriculture Lanes
The Commercial and Urban Agriculture Lanes
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The Freight City

The Freight City is a project developed for the Urban Design Studio ‘Architecture of the Territory’, instructed by Alexander D’ Hooghe at MIT School of Architecture and Planning the Spring of 2012. The Goal of the studio was to develop an urban scenario of an Ideal City by using only infrastructural elements
The Freight City is an idea about a city that is entirely organized by its inputs and outputs. The city itself is located right on the  harbor, taking advantage of the direct access to sea-transportation.
The city is enclosed within a clear rectangular form to achieve its urban coherence. Because of its high dependence on harbor activities, the inner structure is following a grid of 50x50 inches inspired by the grid that better facilitates the process of commercial containers. The programmatic sectors of the city are organized in parallel zones
The Cargo Processing and Staging Area
This is were all imports and exports take place. The multiple platforms are used for simultaneous cargo processing at different levels and operation perpendicular connectors ensure the continuous flow of merchandise
The Production Sector
This is where the imported goods are treated before entering the residential sector. The Production Sector also process the goods produced within the city before they proceed to the cargo sector
Residential and Urban Agriculture Sector
Most of this sector is occupied by residential units. Large infrastructural lines interrupt the urban fabric to provide commercial venues and civic services. Elevated urban agriculture units are also hosted along these service lines.
Park & Parking
This zone is directly linked to the highway and it provides surface parking to the city together with a large green open space. This zone also operates as a buffer between the residential sector and the waste treatment facility.
Waste Treatment Facility
The Waste treatment facility located at the very end of this urban structure process and exports the waste generated within the city. It is directly connected with a transportation artery that does not affect the inner city or the surrounding areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cambridge, MA, US
My Role: Author

The Freight City: Figure Ground
The Freight City: Figure Ground