Kimberly McDonald

Kimberly McDonald

Pittsburgh, PA, US


Wasserfilter - Environmental Laboratory in Frick Park

Historically, the notion of ecological conservation and water pollution has been disregarded in the city of Pittsburgh. Thus, as an ecological laboratory located along the bank of the river, it is necessary to educate and foster an understanding and awareness of the site.

Wasserfilter addresses this notion by implementing a series of ponds that act as a passive water filtration system. Through a series of primary collection, secondary wetlands, and tertiary pools, the water acts as a public and educational display, while also informing the architecture of the project. Moving along this filtration system, the four class labs are immediately adjacent to the ponds, creating various levels of interac- tion with water, particularly through means of above, below, and on. The first two class labs focus on water observation and sampling, intending to engage older students. The third and fourth laboratory units that exist alongside the “clean” water are meant to provide a more interactive experience for younger students, giving them the opportunity to fully interact with water. Finally, the tertiary set of ponds is intended for public utilization.

At ground level, these bodies of water foster human experience and understanding of the site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
Additional Credits: Katy Marino, partner