Khubi Damania

Khubi Damania

San Francisco, CA, US

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Architectural Graduate interested in Skyscraper Design, Computation and Interaction Design.



University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, Class Assistant

ARCH575: Peter Simmonds;

Helping students with various topics involving thermal and environmentally responsive building energy system and concepts.

ARCH526: Janek Dombrowa; Justin Brechtel

Learning about building systems and explaining various steps of construction documents with the help of Revit and Rhinoceros and assistance.

Jan 2016 - May 2016

Shakti Parmar and Associates, Mumbai, IN, Junior Architect

Junior Architect:
1. Worked on a high-end residential project in India.
2. Produced Detailed Working Drawings for the implementation on site.
3. Identify and gather appropriate resources and materials to complete the technical drawings required on site.
4. Developed strategies and handle details of a facade with the help of team members to complete the detail of the edges of the project.
5. Worked closely with Liasoning, Landscape Architects and Structural, Mechanical Engineers to produce coordinated drawings for further reference on site.

Architectural Internship:
1. Converted the conceptual level drawings from Project leader and generated diagrams for development in plan and sections.

Apr 2014 - May 2015


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, MArch, Master's in Architecture

Kohn Pederson & Fox Associates & Cliff Pearson (Spring 2017): Extension for Flatiron Building in KPF New York.
The thesis revolves around extending on top of the Flatiron building, making it the
tallest and the most porous building by improvising glass block and clear glass
facade, in the Flatiron District in New York.

Ma Yansong & Alvin Huang (Fall 2016): Super Tall Tower in Shenzhen and New York.
The projects are about conceptualizing a new typology for a supertall building in two
different contexts of the world.

Lee Schneider (Fall 2016): Visual Storytelling and Entrepreneurship in Media
Adobe Premier Pro//Photoshop//iMovie
Architecture Storytelling of Midtown New York City to promote waking interactive
tours across the city through social media and crowd funders.

Biayna Bogosian (Summer 2016): Advanced Computation
Using Twitter, to develop strategies for urban space planning in Downtown, LA.

David Gerber (Spring 2016): Descriptive and Computational Architectural Geometry
Researching about covers various natures of the historical relationship between
mathematics, geometry, computation, and architecture.

Douglas Noble & Jeffrey C. Vaglio (Spring 2016): Advanced Surface Tectonics
Researching and evaluating performances of complex building envelopes like
laminated double curved wooden shells and structural glass cables.

Carl Anderson (Spring 2016): Seismic Design
Developing new seismic architectural techniques for improvement in California.

Aug 2015 - Jan 2017

Rachana Sansad's Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, IN, BArch, Bachelors in Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2014

Areas of Specialization