Kerry Kenney

Kerry Kenney

Phoenix, AZ, US


Museum of Video Art

I was to design a Museum of Video Art that challenges conventional methods of the museum experience through its spatial organization and depiction of video as an artistic medium.

The Museum was derived from the study of a single video art
piece. Through this process, video art became transposed into the architectural form of the museum. The concrete building, holding the majority of the program, responds to the urban context while the sharp adjoining form overwhelms it in a violent interlaced manner that resembles the qualities of the video art piece.

I realize the importance of site context and creating a harmony with the environmental surroundings during this process. I was also able to demonstrate a clear structural system and experiment with building envelopes. My biggest take-away was how to effectively deal with spacial organization when working with a constraining site.

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Status: School Project
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, US