kareem Elsandouby

kareem Elsandouby

New Orleans, LA, US


Urban Connectivity

The Purpose of this research studio was to engage the existing sites, near the inner harbor navigational canal, through a public conversation. Providing opportunities to re-envision the purpose of the land to accommodate for higher densities and new nodes for public spaces. 

It is prevalent to witness a segregation between the middle class and the lower-class citizens closer to the industrial canal. Lower class citizens are them placed in separate area of the city, because it’s the only places they can afford to live in; very poor conditions and no access to public spaces.
The city introduced the desire projects; public housing facilities located in the ninth ward of new Orleans. The conditions of desire were poor before residents even moved into their complexes. Lack of building foundation, gas, water, and sewer lines were laid improperly…etc. 

This proposal concentrated on the area right Infront of the desire projects to offer a dense, mixed used, linear city while also offering plenty of public spaces through the addition of an urban forest to bridge the gap between the land and the canal.

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Status: School Project
Location: New Orleans, LA, US
My Role: Research done in pairs. Individual Masterplan
Additional Credits: Research in collaboration with: Griffin Chamberlin Daly