Kelly Bohun

Kelly Bohun

New York, NY, US


Ephemory: One Place, One Moment, One Memory

Defining interior space based on multiple interactions and mental images through time continuously confronts new layers of experience, creating an interior space in memory that is constantly changing. But what happens if a space is only experienced once? Shaping a past interior based on a single memory perpetuates and layers the ephemeral nature of spatial recollection. Ephemory, as I define it, blends ephemerality and spatial memory into one moment through which a specific environment is recalled within mental worlds. It exists in the mind. While the actual structure or experience may be real, the remembered place evolves based on the way a memory layers time, perception, memory and imagination.

In order to define ephemory in terms of spatial memory and the interior, I have chosen to reflect on the Glasgow School of Art Library, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, as a study on singular experience, momentary awareness, existential place and interior memory. Recalling my memory of the Library acts as an instance of spatial ephemory; in which spatial memory, ephemeral awareness and experiential time converge on a single site, sharing and redesigning the interior that was once occupied.

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Status: School Project
Location: Glasgow, GB