kejia liu

kejia liu

Rochester, NY, US



I am a creative, innovative industrial designer with experience in furniture and home product design, product development and manufact.
I am passionate about not only design task it self but also every aspect in the industry. I learn from people who decide what product we do. I pay attention to design blogs and design events. I read a lot not only about new designs but also social trends, new day materials and technologies. I'm even very interested in the story or history behind the designed objects. I got inspired from all this things and I apply it in my design.
I am an energetic and efficient person in work. I enjoying solving problems both in design and in real working process. I am also a very open person and team player. I like talking with different people sharing my thoughts and recieving theirs.
Now I am looking for an opportunity to work with real design projects and be a part of the whole industry.



IKEA, Bei jing, interior intern designer

In charge of: interior showroom display maintain; show room product update according to interior style, target group income level and family composition.
Assisted with showroom redesign project, to increase the sales of IKEA children's department products. Replan group target to families with child under 12 and redesign showroom as a child friendly enviroment. Update products and install safty devices.
Participate in showroom design. Including: family model research and writing, space planning, product selection and display. Project "IKEA Showroom Design" is my individual work inspired by this experience.

Mar 2010 - Jun 2010


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, US, Masters, Industrial Design

Team work project " Pumping Fun" water purification device design for Haitian family. Individual project "+table".
Material and manufacturing process study focusing on solid wood, veneer, metal, ceramic and plastic. Conducted practice project "Playte" ceramic design.
Major concepts applied from coursewrok: Ideation and Design Theory; Design thinking; 2D and 3D sktech; Solidworks 3D modeling; project "google light" design, "TriCut" kitchen appliance design.

Sep 2010 - current

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, beijing, Bachelors, industrial design

Fundamental study of Industrial design: research, design ideation, concept development; design sketch, 3D modeling, model making and presentation.
Fundamental study of interior design: site analysis, concept development; space planning, construction drawing, material & finishes selection
Fundamental study of graphic ideation, typography, UI, 2D Illustration and print making

Sep 2006 - Jun 2010

Areas of Specialization