Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts

Denver, CO, US


Smokestack Standard

Development Driven Urbanization.  This study was in response to Denver market, and residential product demand in the city.  This has produced a market for endless apartment projects seemingly driven by zoning resulting in little architectural character.  This investigation was to write a grasshopper definition that produced a development needing only land area (large-small), desired lot size (min-max area), and density.  This definition can then be applied to any site/city/country.

Land is simply viewed as develop-able area, stripped of any contextual influence or connection.  A script was written to take the desired land area, and divide area into develop-able parcels contingent to market.  The lots can range from bungalow sized developments to large apartment complexes, and everywhere in between using standard lot sizes as the module(the study site chosen was the national western stock show complex north east of downtown Denver).

From here the lots can be assigned specific property types (bungalow, duplex, townhome, small apartment, large residential complex) driven by the desired density and available zoning requirements.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Denver, CO, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Emily Chastain
Kevin Hirth