Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye, Assoc. AIA

Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye, Assoc. AIA

San Francisco, CA, US


The Alameda Square - Mixed Use/Light Industry

     Inspired by the homemade levees constructed in the American South to protect individual properties from flooding during extreme weather events, the project re-imagines the levee as both public space and preventative measure against the effects of global sea level rise. Utilizing a concrete podium for the first floor and shop areas,  the second level is built in CLT, offering warmth and stability for the office and living spaces.

 Located in the alameda marina, The Alameda Square houses:  

  • DOER Marine (a manufacturer of autonomous submersibles), 
  • The architecture offices of Loisos + Ubbelohde
  • Two live/work lofts in the southwest corner.
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Status: School Project
Location: Alameda, CA, US