Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Cincinnati, OH, US


Entry Interface: School of Architecture and Interior Design

This project was honored with the 2014 ACSA Design-Build Award.

This design-build studio focused on the design, fabrication, and installation of strategic interventions located in the main corridor of the School of Architecture and Interior Design. Located down a nondescript hallway, the main office of the school lacked the tectonic, material, and functional expression fitting for the main face of a design school.

A series of full scale mock-ups were completed to explore the functionality, material application, and detailing of possible interventions.

Taking advantage of anomalies in the original construction of the building, a second skin of metal studs was layered upon the existing cmu wall. Acrylic vitrines were then hung from the stud backing. 

The contents of the display boxes, the expression of detailing, and the layering of construction techniques all reference the design and construction values of the School of Architecture and Interior Design. 

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Status: Built
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US
My Role: Design and Fabrication of Acrylic Vitrines
Additional Credits: This project was a design-build studio and the resulting built work was a class effort. The vitrines were designed and fabricated with Tyler Walter.