Kartik Jadhav

Kartik Jadhav

Pune, IN


Use of Programming tools in the Practical Architectural Design Process

Masters Dissertation :

The dissertation majorly focused on computer applications that are commonly  used in architectural practice. Basically it was a direct comparison between the CAD based tools like Sketchup, Revit, etc. and Computational Tools like Grasshopper3D , Processing, etc.

A modest building had been considered for the base study. And it was modelled by using both type of applications. i.e. Computational and CAD based. Building was analyzed considering various essential parameters like modifications, basic modelling. building structure, building envolope, etc.

The results/conclusion of the study led to insights regarding the best possible application for practical design in various situations.

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Status: School Project
Location: Sheffeld, GB
My Role: Author
Additional Credits: Prof. Mark Meagher