Karlo De Soto

Karlo De Soto

Tijuana, MX



Architect graduated from the Technological Institute of Tijuana (Tijuana, 2004) with master's studies in the area of advanced architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Barcelona, 2007) and postgraduate studies in urban planning and design from the University of Tijuana CUT (Tijuana 2015). From 2009 to date, I've been an architecture design professor teaching courses at the Technological Institute of Tijuana and Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana. From 2014 to 2016, was invited to teach at the master's degree level in the area of sustainable architecture at the Universidad Xochicalco, Tijuana campus, teaching the workshop subjects for degree projects to the first two generations of graduates and acting as thesis director. In my professional work, I have collaborated with different architectural firms in the city of Tijuana and for a short period in Barcelona. In 2010 I founded DStudio Arquitectura while at the same time collaborating with other offices and in 2015 he officially began full work at DStudio Arquitectura. Among the most outstanding projects that have been developed in the study is the Plaza la Ocho mixed-use complex (2012), obtaining 2nd place in the state contest Access to Rosarito Beaches (2015), the International Center for Cooperation and TNM Mobility (2016) and the Reef Museum for the Artificial Reef Foundation (2016), Wayfinding system master plan for the city of Tijuana (2019). Thru the years I've been participating and collaborating, to date, with entities of the public and business sector in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, collaborating within the professional and academic field with their respective groups of students, developing urban issues for the benefit of the city and to its economic development. Currently, the work of academic and professional collaboration is being landed in the city of Tijuana where Im participating in urban projects with the Tijuana Development Council and the Tijuana Planning Institute. Beyond those collaborations and projects, there are other urban design topics that as a studio we try to research and do some case study works. Tijuana is in much need of restructuring in all areas of urban design and planning, and it's just not enough to leave it all to the municipality to do the right thing, we must take charge and show how things could and should be done for the greater good of those who live here (Tijuana / San Diego region) and visit.



DStudio Arquitectura, Tijuana, MX, Lead Architect

Designed urban, recreational, and cultural projects for corporate clients
and city planning departments in Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, Baja
California. Top projects include Urban Wayfinding System for Tijuanas
Downtown and Tourist Districts; Neighborhood Park Mirador Olivos;
Tijuana 1889 Museum; Artificial Reef Museum in Rosarito Beach; Urban
Street redesign in downtown Rosarito Beach.
Develop conceptual projects for local investors and land developers. Key
projects include Vallecitos Park Resort land development, Tecate Baja
California; SELAH rural development, Tecate Baja California; Tres Acres
rural development, Rosarito Beach Baja California.
Design development and Construction documentation for Residential
design projects; Health and dental clinic design projects; Commercial and
recreational design projects; outdoor resorts and campgrounds

Jan 2016 - current

Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana, Tijuana, MX, Architecture Teacher

Architectural and Urban Design studio professor, working with mid-career
students and higher.
Primary responsibilities: Prepare classroom schedules for students
adhering to the lesson plans and projects, monitor student participation
in ongoing research projects, evaluate the work of students within the
classroom, and counsel students to resolve their doubts.
Reference: Fabiola Laurent, head of the department (Architecture),

Aug 2009 - current

Grupo AFAL (Carl's Jr Franchiser), Tijuana, MX, Architectural designer

Designer and drafter, for new fast food locations in northern Mexico.
Collaborated on 15 restaurants ranging from free-standing, food courts.
Space layouts, schematic design, and blueprints.
3D modeling of interior and exterior proposals, using Rhinoceros 3D and
Assisting with refurbishment plans for existing restaurants.
Coordinating work between engineering contractors.
Reference: Juan Carlos del Riego, construction department director

Aug 2013 - Dec 2015


CUT Universidad de Tijuana, Tijuana, MX, Urban Planning and Design

The Specialty in Urban Planning and Design objectives was to generate knowledge of the fundamentals involved in urban planning and design, providing the local, regional, and international context for the subsequent application of the implementation instruments.

Oct 2015 - Jul 2016

Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalunya, Barcelona, MArch, Advanced Architecture

The Master in Advanced Architecture focused on a central topic: sustainability and design. The objectives lead to a higher understanding of developing concepts, research, and analysis in architecture design.

Aug 2006 - Jul 2007

Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana, Tijuana, MX, BArch, Architecture

Aug 1999 - Jul 2004

Areas of Specialization