Karine Sarkissian

Karine Sarkissian

New York, NY, US


Block Works

Block Works is an urban planning project in Copenhagen, Denmark. The area is next to Enghave Brygge, located by the Ørsted Power Plant (one of the largest Diesel plants in Denmark). While trying to revive the area and salvaging an old brown field, reviving the waterfront and creating a set program with housing blocks and commercial spaces is key.

The design incorporates two types of block systems. The waterfront is activated by moving platforms (using the old train tracks that exist on the site) placed on top of the existing edge, that can be combined or individual. In working with this block identity, the housing blocks become more broken down, lower (in height), and more public as they approach the water edge. Additionally, a water canal adds another identity to this new development connecting it to its surrounding and creating another more intimate water edge in the more private sectors.

This new site will become a space to incorporate all type of activities by the water and in the more internal parts of the inner courtyards.

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Status: School Project
Location: Copenhagen, DK