Karen Rosario

Karen Rosario

New York, NY, US

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Refined architect with an intelligent approach towards creating nuanced three-dimensional spaces for residential, mixed-use, and commercial needs. Attentively created documents and requirements to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies. Fashioned accurate schematics and 3D rendering using state-of-the-art software and tools. Extensive knowledge of different architectural/design styles, materials, structural quality, and aesthetic and utilitarian concepts. Ability to integrate client needs, while creating modern refreshing designs that meticulously incorporated functional elements. Collaborated with contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, structural engineers, and interior designer contractors to deliver projects within tight schedules and stringent budgets. Handled drawings, documentation, 3D renderings, field supervision and project management. Capable of creating stellar designs for the truly sophisticated palate. Exceptional abilities in documentation, schematics, and 3D rendering. Conducted site visits and created thoughtful designs with intelligent space planning.


n/a, New York, NY, US, Freelance/Architect Assistant

» Primarily focused on residential projects.
» Strengthened skills in all aspects of architecture during this period.
»Assiduously prepared documents for residential projects ranging from pre-schematic, schematic, design development and construction documents.
» Interior decoration consulting for residential projects.
» Draftsman for interior design construction documents.

Jan 2020 - current

bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting, New York, NY, US, INTERMEDIATE ARCHITECT

» Performed a wide range of architectural duties such as updating DOB sets based on reviewer comments, working on DOB and CD set drawings (including floor plans, elevations, and section details), and coordinating with structural engineers to update designs.
» Created, scrutinized, and revamped drawings to ensure ADA compliance.
» Collaborated with principal architect during all phases of the CD process.
» Recognized for turning-around backlogged design projects. Successfully planned and scheduled project timelines and ensured multiple departments functioned in sync to ensure successful delivery.

Jun 2019 - Oct 2019

Kinlin Rutherfurd Architects, New York, NY, US, INTERMEDIATE ARCHITECT

» Stayed acutely attentive during design phase and updated permit sets and other documentation in compliance with legal advice.
» Collaborated with teams to follow building codes and regulations during design process. Provided able assistance on ADA codes for projects. Orchestrated creation and verification of CD sets under time bound schedules.
» Worked in conjunction with principal architect for design of residential and mixed-use projects.
» Handled surveys, measurements, designs, drawings, and renderings for renovation and transformation of apartment spaces. Guided teams to make sound purchase choices to enliven the structures and provide the necessary finesse as per design.
» Tasked with critical duties of determining egress paths and means of egress. Also determined occupancy loads, parking availability, utilities’, and accessibility.
» Answerable for schedule creation and follow-up. Prepared detailed time lists for electrical setup, woodworking, painting, and finishing.

Apr 2018 - May 2019

NYC Department of Design and Construction, New York, NY, US, Project Manager / Public Buildings / Libraries / Design / Construction

» Spearheaded over 25 projects of varying requirements and goals with building estimates ranging from $400,000 to $8,000,000. Mindfully managed personnel from all channels in the project from inception to finish.
» Acted as the glue between clients, consultants, and contractors, ensuring their needs were consistently met; aided with design and construction.
» Engaged in the overhaul of several structures and buildings including libraries throughout NYC (Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens).
» Drove schematic design, development, construction, and procurement. Monitored work from start to finish.

Oct 2015 - Apr 2018


New Skill Academy, N/A (Online), Interior Design Certification

Program: Interior Design Certification, October 2020.

May 2020 - Oct 2020

UNIVERSIDAD DA CORUÑA (SPAIN) / PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA MADRE Y MAESTRA (PUCMM) (Dom. Rep.), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, MArch, Master in architecture, focused in interior Design

Program: Master in Architecture, focused in interior design, April 2012.

Sep 2010 - Apr 2012

UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE SANTO DOMINGO (U.A.S.D.) (Dominican Republic), Santo Domingo de Guzmán, DO / (U.A.S.D.), BArch, Bachelor Degree in Architecture

Program: Bachelor Degree in Architecture, February 2008.

Sep 2001 - Feb 2008

Areas of Specialization