Ka Kit Chiu

Ka Kit Chiu

Los Angeles, CA, US



In today’s digital era, objects have become more virtual. In this context, our cognitive relationship to architecture as a composition of elements is more important than our specific reading of individual tectonic materials out of which they are made. This project is a study of walls as objects of perception, contemplation, and organization. As the first element in architecture to become virtualized through media, the wall also suggests a starting point for resistance to that virtualization. This project proposes a complex for housing and storage. Here, “housing” is

a space for humans and “storage” a space for objects. The spatial dualities inherent in these programs are addressed by the wall as a unifying system. Using a machine-learning algorithm, the project generates a cluster of walls that act as a medium through which to navigate multiple resolutions of form and program, and as a structure for the relationship between us and the architecture we inhabit. This cluster of walls proves architecture’s existence. 

3D Model:

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles
Additional Credits: Thesis Professor: Ewan Branda, Cody Miner