Kaixiang Huang

Kaixiang Huang

New York, NY, US



We design series of boxes to cater for different site conditions and program needs. I mainly designed four muti-functional libraries for the island. Reading space is the type that can be applied to different other programs.  I tried to really consider the intersection of different programs with the library such as the Gym & Library, Cafe & Library, Auditorium & Library.
For the Cafe & Library, I divided the space into two parts. The dynamic part for cafe and the silent part for book restore. The reading spaces are scattered in both spaces. So people could read the book while having coffee in the dynamic bright space in the upper level, which also link directly to the classroom and dormitory space above. And they could also choose to read in the quiet space located on the lower level.
For the auditorium & Library, I tried to think about the alternative function of the shelter and the possible combination of the seat and the shelter. Different height of lift could be used as the different type of reading space. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Italy
My Role: - Designed and made drawings for four libraries in Young Architects Competitions.
Additional Credits: Preliminary Research Office
With Yaohua Wang, Shouquan Sun, Zhou Wu, Melody Ho