Junyi Zhou

Junyi Zhou

Philadelphia, PA, US


Accessible Art

The adaptive reuse of the Corbin building defines the link of the neighborhood’s history to its future, as a container of residence and public common art space to unite the community of a mix of stakeholders. 

The integration of the old and the new is reflected in the building’s massing, façade techniques, and materiality. Through the big move of carving out a small part of the original massing, the remained part gives a new feeling to the audience. Small moves of carving that incorporate with the big move introduce new units that keep the old façade’s ornamental terracotta and metalwork while using existing curves from the façade to create new openings as an innovative technique. The existing brick is applied to the whole new designed façade to better show the graft from the old to the new. All of these features contribute to keeping historical properties while creating added qualities to the Corbin building.
The public art workshops and exhibitions become inspiring spaces to attract the community of a mix of incomes, cultures, and lifestyles. People could take art training courses, do art workshops, install their art projects to the public and enjoy art exhibitions in the new proposed building. Art is no longer confined to high-end areas; it becomes within reach for people in the neighborhood.

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Status: School Project