June Kim

June Kim

Los Angeles, CA, US


Knots, Red Thread Sculpture

Artist Statement

My sculpture is a surreal thread drawing in real space and allows people to experience my interpretation of social, cultural, and religious human connections in reality. I was inspired by an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible red thread connects all who are destined to meet. I visualized this invisible connection and human relationship in a three dimensional architectural sculpture. By sewing and tying the knots, I built my imagined social network. The mystical red thread placed into conceptually layered transparent acrylic pieces represents invisible life stages. The red thread starts from one hole and breaks into each stage, meeting with the other holes and expanding their social circle, much like meeting new people. This abstract form becomes the outer reality of a visible human network of my inner vision. This piece exists as a sculpture, but I initially made it as a model for a huge installation. This project is a life long plan which I can keep expanding until I die and have opened the possibility of evolving into the next body of work.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles
My Role: Design, Concept/Direction, Sculptor