Juan Restrepo

Juan Restrepo

New York, NY, US


Thrive Food Hub

The project was to create a food hub in the Cincinnati area where local farmers could clean, cook, and sell their goods. The food hub would provide for a learning environment in which people could learn how to cook different foods in different manners as well as learn more about the overall process that goes into farming. The challenge was to renovate an existing factory on the location and brand it with the help of each groups team which consisted of graphic designers and and architecture students. The food hub additionally had a restaurant where people could eat goods that came directly from the produce sold in the facility.

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Status: School Project
My Role: One of two architecture students in the team. My partner and I worked together to develop the design and received help from our group of graphic designers in the branding aspect of the design. I created a large majority of the presentation drawings and re