Jorge Roman

Jorge Roman

Madrid, ES


PaleBook Furniture Design

The idea comes from creating a piece of furniture from an element commonly used for this purpose such as pallets. reuse and descontextualization appear as main concepts using an authentic, recycable material. PaleBook! is a piece of furniture  suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, flexible and versatile, its adjustable backrest provides different ways to enjoy it. From the folded position as a table with twisted rope to its fully extended bed position. The entire element invites you to stand, sit or lay down on the pallets.

The construction is based on simple elements such as pallets, hinges, screws and the tools used, available to everyone, wrench, drill, screwdriver… could´t be more eco friendly!

Built by mediadocena architecture collective using  Euro-pallets for this particular design.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES
My Role: Designer