Joshua Sanabria

Joshua Sanabria

Loma Linda, CA, US


Pan American Health Services Hospital

Responsive Modular Design in an Uncertain World

The Peña Blanca Hospital and Clinic will set a new precedent for private and community healthcare in rural Honduras.
Where a struggle exists between service quality, cost savings, and building constructibility; a modular solution may best serve the long and short term needs of the Pan American Health Service Hospital and its educational wing.
Drawing from the work of WikiHouse, modular units provide maximum flexibility for provisioning and site design.
Each unit features all the necessary components for its designated purpose. This way, the hospital can grow only when the need arises, thus saving initial capital costs.
The buildings are naturally ventilated for patient comfort and energy savings, have large windows for adequate lighting , and the site is arranged to showcase a wide courtyard for healing through nature.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Peña Blanca, Honduras
My Role: Designer, Tech Developer
Additional Credits: Mark Jardine