Joy Alexandre Harb

Joy Alexandre Harb

Beirut, LB


Cubitum tower

The cubitum tower is poised to become a new city landmark; it embodies beauty and sophistication. The use of parametric software involved in the structure gives the building different depth to appreciate.

The tower can be recognized from afar as it stands distinguished from its surrounding, yet from a closer perspective, it extends to the pedestrian neighborhood through a new layer of commercial area which makes a smoother transition between private and public place. Those retail outlets and restaurants provide an active streetscape and public forecourt area, creating a new amenity for locals and visitors.

The design of the Cubitum tower is born by merging two squared twisted elements, which gave an elegant double rotated façade with parallel balconies: The original design started with a square geometry in which the edges were rounded to fit the north-east side of the setback of the side. The 90 degrees twist of the square allows having the same floor plan at the top and the bottom level. Unlike the other twisted towers in which the procedure ends at this stage, the element was mirrored to meet the required built up area of the sites rules and regulations. The whole geometry was then contoured to have a clear 3.3m height between floors with a 30cm slab and a vertical circulation. The void resulting between the elements gave birth to balconies.

Corner edges with a twist of the element were proposed to meet a radial geometry which facilitated a 360 degree view for each apartment to the surrounding urban and natural environment. The resulting geometry was then contoured to generate horizontal plates which encompass a collection of predefined open habitable spaces. The quality outcome corresponds with privacy and natural lighting requirements.

The multipurpose tower hosts 24 floors consisting of different programs; the commercial area and the restaurants are located on the ground floor, while the residential area is located on the remaining floors. The last two floors of the residential area form the penthouse that has a 360 degree view on the whole city of Sydney.

The ground floor and the first floor hosts 400m of high end retail shops and restaurants. The following 20 floors consists of 380m2 apartments with 42 m2 balconies;
each apartment has a living room that can host up to 21 seated people, a dining room for 12 people, a fully equipped kitchen spacious enough to welcome catering services, two bedroom suites with a walk in closet, a commodious bathroom including a Jacuzzi, and an access to the garden balcony. The apartment also includes two bedrooms with a countertop, a mini fridge, a sitting space and a desk for working.

The Cubitum tower offers comfort through its generous interior space distribution, the luxurious views, and the high end quality of the materials used for the construction. The typical floor plates in the apartments stand out with their prominent design made refined  marble, while the rooms’ flooring provide an efficient heating and cooling system that allows heat exchange between the ground and the rest of the space. In that way, indoor climate control is achieved through conduction, convention and radiation hence maximizing thermal comfort. The balconies’ floor is made up of composite wood dockings.

The façade of each apartment consists of an articulated and curved glass which offers the residents an exceptional panoramic view of the city while guaranteeing its permanent visibility. The curtain walls also help mitigate solar heat while exploiting the daylight. The double glazing guarantees a competent isolation system that maximizes the control of heat and sound between the indoor and outdoor space.

An advanced hydro cleaning system is introduced in the façade in which above every glass panel, sprinklers are mounted to release water propelled at high speed to clean the surface. The pressure of the water stream is strong enough to generate a force which can remove any type of dirt covering the glass. The water used comes mainly from the recycled rain collected on the roof of the tower.

The Cubitum tower will not only bring comfort, luxury and peace to its residents, but it will also become a charming element which will attract people towards it by providing a mesmerizing gathering location hence contributing to the improvement of the urban landscape.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Sydney, AU
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Yanna Haddad, Borislav Schalev, Josep Alcover