Josie Northern Harrison

Josie Northern Harrison

Toronto, ON, CA

Shift Magazine SHIFT 04
Shift Magazine SHIFT 04

Shift Magazine

Shift is the undergraduate publication and online blog for the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto. We seek to promote the interdisciplinary nature of the undergraduate programs in visual and architectural studies. Shift believes in academic exchanges across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from visual arts and photograph to urban studies and geography. Student opinions are the foundation of the publication, a deliberately eclectic presentation of various perspectives that aims to reconfigure our understanding of art and architecture.

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Status: Built
My Role: Co-Editor-In-Chief
Additional Credits: Editorial Team:
Phat Le, Co-Editor-In-Chief
Josie Northern, Co-Editor-In-Chief
Emily Suchy, Senior Publication Editor
Amal AJ, Publication Editor
Chaya Bhardwaj, Publication Editor
Najia Fatima, Publication Editor
Ceylin Oz, Publication Editor
Sonia Sobrino Ralston, Blog Writer
Alexandra Spalding, Blog Writer
Regina Arcia-Martinez, Illustrator
Jess Camarda, Illustrator
Eddy O’Toole, Layout Designer
Eugenia Wong, Layout Designer
Monique Perez Lizardo, Social Media
Gianina Ann Ramos, Social Media
Jayee Doroteo, Web Editor
Jasper Choi, Digital Manager
Lillie Wang, Web Designer