Joshua Intorcio

Joshua Intorcio

New York, NY, US

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Josh enjoys seeing things come together. Whether those things are buildings or people; the part-to-whole relationship has fascinated Josh since he was a small kid.

Josh believes that the success of a building rests in its cohesiveness as a final, built object. The structural logic, the amount of fenestration, the interactive elements (which can be tangible or spatial -sometimes both) as well as the choice of interior finishes can be critical to the experience of the building. The occupants will subconsciously judge a space on how well it performs…in response to how they circulate, communicate and ultimately develop a sense of function in the building; to which architects can only elude to.

A similar approach of thought can describe Josh as a social person. How do personalities and egos synthesize to build a cohesive group of friends? “Everyone you meet can teach you something.” Josh is a very even-keeled person and enjoys being the glue in many groups of friends across all levels of professional engagement and informal social settings. He is a person who likes to step out of his comfort zone and to lead others to do the same, allowing them to grow, to develop character and to become vulnerable.

Josh like to see things get done. He can look at projects or drawings with an objective eye and relate between architects and clients to work through compromises and design opportunities. Josh likes when projects stay on track and feels most satisfied when he sees a project through its entire life cycle.

Outside of architecture Josh is a part-time comedian, an avid outdoor adventurer and enjoys discovering hole-in-the-wall cafés. 



Steffian Bradley Architects, Boston, MA, US, Architectural Designer

Work on projects for industry-leading clients.
_Massachusetts Eye and Ear
_Partners Healthcare
_Boston Children's Hospital
_Cue Biopharma

Applied skills: Architectural design, Schematic design, CD sets, Interior design

May 2017 - Aug 2017

Joseph Tatone & Associates, LLC, North Reading, MA, US, Junior Associate

Private residential and commercial design.
Private Residences, Market and Affordable condominiums, and small commercial businesses.

Applied skills: Architectural design, Schematic design, Site documentation and analysis, CD sets, Rendering

May 2014 - Aug 2016


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, US, BArch, School of Architecture

Aug 2013 - May 2018

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