Jose Real

Jose Real

Madrid, ES


Parque Depurador - Debugger Park



We find ourselves in a true periurban enclave, a huge 900 hectare site right at the gates of Madrid, surrounded by very important infrastructures but with almost no connection with them.  Its attractive topography has been generated by waste accumulation over the years and it contains methane gas and leachates inside.  It is a greatly forgotten zone by the city and with a very high level of degradation, containing slums, unfinished urban plannings (la  Atalayuela industrial area) and its landscape is poorly managed.  La Gavia water treatment facility was opened in the site in 2008 and it is used to treat all the sewage from Vallecas neighborhood and its new suburbs, containing approximately one million inhabitants.





Our aim is to get ahead of the end of the sewage facility, since these kind of plants have a lifecycle of approximately 40 years, in a long term urban action.  Beginning in 2013, a sequenced introduction of several water purification systems is projected by creating a metropolitan scale park generated by macrophyte ponds which purify grey waters and a system of sewage management by the use of several septic tanks.

Since the achievement of purifying the same amount of water that the current facility requires a very large quantity of ponds, the intervention evolves over 40 years, leaving the possibility of dismantling the  facility or working in combination with it.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES