Jonathan Richert

Jonathan Richert

Los Angeles, CA, US


LAHSA: Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Located on the campus of Cal State LA, the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts is a charter school focused on training students in the visual and performing arts.  Situated on a point of large elevation change in the midst of a campus thoroughfare, the school acts as part of the landscape, thus connecting the lower and upper regions of the campus. The school becomes both a physical and institutional conduit through which students can progress to their desired destination.

Light wells penetrate the building throughout the plan, bringing natural light into the studios, classrooms, and corridors.  These star wells create opportunities for visual interaction between the interior and exterior, provide break out rooms for both staff and students, and act as display cases for student work and inspirational pieces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer, Renderer