John Sener

John Sener

Jersey City, NJ, US

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My name is John, and I'm a graduate from the accredited B. Arch program at NJIT. I have a natural aptitude for aesthetics, alongside with the ability to articulate myself, and my ideas.  I learn very fast, and can adapt to any professional environment with a very friendly demeanor.  I have a very strong ambition to showcase provocative, stimulating, and sustainable architectural ideas through my work.   

My strengths include, but are not limited to;

- Natural aptitude for creative thinking and designing

- Problem Solving

- Personal Interaction with clients

- 3D Modeling in Rhino / Maya /  V-ray, along side with 2-D drawing in AutoCad / Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

- Graphic Design

- Photography

- Building and fixing computers, to then push the limits on Architectural Computation and Production

- And of course full of positive energy.


Eleventh Street Workshop, New York, NY, US, Lead Design Draftsmen

At 11th Street Workshop, we mainly focus on set design, but we have many times
done permanent, high quality, design/build work along with full installations.
The types of projects that we design/build have almost no limits in terms of what
they are, coming from a client and what they can afford.
My current role at 11th Street Workshop requires me to have the ability to wear many design hats, from graphic design work to realistic 3d modeling and rendering,
to conceive. I am the bridge between the schematic ideas delivered by the client and the builders that actually build the complex projects that come down the pipeline.

Feb 2019 - current

Nelson Benavides Architect, Jersey City, NJ, US, Architectural Designer

At this architectural office, our primary focus was in the renovation and restoration of historical brownstones and buildings throughout the gentrified areas of Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ. Also, new construction in NJ and NYC ranging in residential and commercial. I was trained by Nelson to be my own, to some extent, project manager involving residential and commercial projects. Better describe as, starting with contractual paperwork and the measuring of the existing structures, creating site plans in collaboration with a survey, and then transposing and designing a CD set all the way to the conclusion, while communicating with the client.

Here is where I mastered the program of Autocad, and was taught how to complete a set of construction drawings while working with local building codes, along with the process of going through the historical committee for approval, permits, and then finally construction. After learning his ways, I was nearly almost able to start and complete a project on my own, while at times having him red-line, and provided guidance on challenging situations in the project.

There were plenty of times I met with clients face to face and offered my professional guidance and design opinions, and in some cases, impacting the final design. I also have a talent for bringing in new clients through personal interaction. For example, I brought in a plastic surgeon, after a visit to his office, we later renovated and designed a completely new office for him. Also, meeting and talking to local homeowners who are interested in renovating and adding to their house, and then bring them in to meet with my boss.

May 2016 - Aug 2017

Musgnug & Associates, Barnegat Light, NJ, US, Intern Architectural Designer

At this design-build firm, I had many chances to work on different scopes of residential projects on both existing and proposed, and also take part in the construction process, all along the coastline of the southern Jersey shore. I was tasked with designing entire beach homes in plan, developing the elevations and sections in Autocad then bringing them into Rhino to then create realistic 3D models. Then finally ‘photoshoping’ the renderings to make it as realistic as possible in the given time, before delivering it to the client.

Alongside that, I was tasked with completely measuring existing projects for additions and renovations, and then transposing that information into 2D drawings for construction sets. Finally, I got to also interact with clients on a face to face basis, when meeting them and proposing ideas, then gather existing information to then bring back to my office.

Oct 2015 - May 2016

Anthem New York, Newark, NJ, US, Intern Architectural Designer

Angus is a graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and also a professor at the New jersey School of Architecture and Design (aka. NJIT). I worked alongside him in the study and design of fashion. My role was to studying and design swim wear, specifically for men, and to learn how to build them and make innovations in the design.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

Steve Midouhas Architects, Brant Beach, NJ, US, Intern Architectural Designer

In this design office, I worked alongside Steve on multiple residential projects, and built realistic, to scale physical models based on existing and proposed architectural projects. In which case, these models were used in showcasing Steve’s design intent for the project to the client.

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Hume Coover Studio, Brooklyn, NY, US, Intern Architectural Designer

My position involved me bouncing back and fourth from the competition side and the real life projects side of the firm. I spent time 3-D modeling in Maya and Rhino, along with a focus in Rendering images of the competition project, which was a Opera House in South Korea. I also spent some of my time there doing red lines corrections in AutoCad and researching, and calling for building supplies. Also, helped with

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011


New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, NJ, US , BArch, Bachelors of Architecture

I finished this degree along side with a minor in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I naturally developed my own ideas on design, which then put me, very much so, apart from most of the other students at my school. In a way, I had created my own style.

Sep 2010 - May 2015

Ocean County Community College, Toms River, NJ, US, General Studies of Mathematics

My first jump out of high school, I studied at first a different degree, then switched to math after I later found out that I had a natural aptitude for it. I also took a 1.5 years off to peruse modeling in NYC, hence the lengthy duration of the degree.

Sep 2005 - May 2010



Awarded to the winner of the masonry build at the NJSOA. Refer to Ferry Terminal project.

The Design/Build Masonry Competition has become a highlight of the CoAD experience for undergraduate architecture students.
Every spring semester, all second year architecture students are assigned a studio project to design a masonry building with a specific program. The rest of the second year curriculum is arranged to support and contribute to the studio design project. In each studio section, each student designs his or her individual project. The studio section as a whole then selects the best design from among their group and forms a team to refine the selected design. All of the studio teams compete for best design at the end of the semester.

Once the design is selected and refined, a fragment of that project is developed to be built as a full scale mock-up. Students in each team work together with skilled masons to develop construction details, select and estimate materials, and plan the actual construction of their mock-up. Finally, over a single week-end in April, the students work with an army of masonry journeymen to build the structures which line the walkway leading to the entrance of the College.

On the following Monday, verbal and graphic presentations are given by the student teams to a panel of jurors. Awards are presented at a gala dinner sponsored by the NJ Masonry Contractors in the CoAD Gallery that evening. Teams compete for over $25,500 in cash prizes amidst much cheering and congratulations by all.

The program is sponsored by the Masonry Contractors of New Jersey in cooperation with the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, NJ Locals 2, 4 and 5, and the International Masonry Institute.


Areas of Specialization