Joeb Moore & Partners

Joeb Moore & Partners

Greenwich, CT



Inspired by the ideas within Frederick Law Olmstead’s garden suburbs, the 38PR project focuses on the transition between public and communal and private domestic gardens and building.

The pavilion addition is located behind the formal ‘wall’ of the original Tudor house – which is set back from the street on a long sloping lawn - strengthening the separation between domestic interior and outdoor spaces, and communal streetscape and life. Working in contrast to the mass and form of the Tudor house, the pavilion addition uses “pointed” splayed form in both plan and section to produce large, open views and connection to the outdoors and rear garden/landscape. The formal language (rules) of the pavilion addition derives from abstracted English gothic domestic architecture to express an explicit contrast between old and new, traditional and modern forms.

Concealed from the original street façade, the pavilion addition is only perceivable as one moves sectionally through the house, passing through the rear gardens and turning back to observe the new addition. Simplified and brightened up interior spaces provide continuity between new and old while allowing the distinction between old and new remain between street and private yard /outside and inside.

Photography ©David Sundberg/Esto

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Status: Built
Location: Scarsdale, NY, US