Jodie Cooper

Jodie Cooper

Denver, CO, US


Seed'er Box

Seed'er Box is my thesis work from Cranbrook Academy of Art. It was prefabricated at Cranbrook's studios and was displayed at the annual degree show from April 20-May 17 2013. The project is currently in transit to a new and permanent site in Colorado. I designed and built the project with the intention of laying down roots for a house using the resources currently at my disposal. A major consideration was designed the building so that the cost of transportation and installation is very low. To do this I kept the dimensions to a scale that means it can travel on the roadway with no special permitting and I build a trailer in tandem with the building to carry it.

My vision for the building is that once it is installed permanently it will exist as a cabin and studio space (for short periods of occupation). Over time I will graft on to the building and site to extend the utility and size of the abode, while maintaining the relationship the interior has to the outside environment.

I also see the building as a great armature for experimentation and development of future design. I believe having the ability to occupy a space and use elements of the building as a way to improve my work for potential clients in the future. 

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Status: Built
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI in transit to Denver, CO
My Role: Designer and Builder
Additional Credits: Jordan Gravely, Daniel Berheide, and Logan Golin. PD Rearick for photography.