John McMahon

John McMahon

San Diego, CA, US

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I currently gradated with a bachelors in architecture from the  New School of Architecture & Design in San Diego, CA. Much of my focus/ interests has been on reinterpreting traditional architectural style and materials into contemporary results. My experience has been largely applied in Latin America where I was able to proudly work on a Mausoleum for my family in Nicaragua and two homes in Mexico while working for a practice called Studiohuerta in San Diego, CA. 

I am currently employed in Downtown San Diego's largest firm, Carrier Johnson + Culture. Where I have been learning more about behind the scenes of what goes into larger development projects. Meanwhile I also work on some healthcare projects which have been laded with content in order to satisfy a variety of entities such as OSHPD and other institutions.


Carrier Johnson + Culture, San Diego, CA, US, Designer

Dec 2018 - Jul 2023

Colkitt Architecture, San Diego, CA, US, Designer & Drafter

Jr. Designer. I worked on a few different projects. Such as a 7 story building in Queens, NY, a cafe in San Francisco International Airport & a major renovation of a condominium in San Diego, CA.

Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

Studiohuerta, San Diego, CA, US, Designer & Drafter

During my time in Studiohuerta I mainly worked on three projects. Two homes and one competition project. The houses were both in Mexico. One in Cabo San Lucas (Casa Escondida) and the other in Tijuana (Casa GN). The third project was a competition that was a reinterpretation on the center median in Park Ave. Manhattan, New York. (

Sep 2016 - Jul 2018


NewSchool of Architecture & Design, San Diego, CA, US, BArch, Bachelors of Architecture

As mentioned before I am currently in my thesis year. I plan on focusing my thesis on the US - Mexico border. Considering I am studying in San Diego I wanted to take advantage of the proximity and awkward relationship we have with Tijuana.

Prior to thesis I put most of my attention in school on studio. Which I am glad for. My projects are always well received and I have a lot of fun developing them, learning along the way and having discussions with the jury during the times of pin up.

Jan 2015 - current

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