Jingyuan Zhang

Jingyuan Zhang

New York, NY, US


Reformative Modernity

Background / The history of glass making can be traced back to Stone Age societies. In the Middle Eval, small beautiful pieces of glass are luxuries and are used to decorate churches and palaces. Then the industrial revolution dramatically changed the role of glass in the architecture field. Glass became cheap and affordable. People can use flat glass as their building facade, which provides a better indoor environment. From then on, people have been using glass as an infill, as an envelope also

Abstract / In our project, we challenged the modernism idea of the two material and try to rethink them under a metric of environment and sustainability.New types of concrete and glass products are manufactured in the factory, and they also become the building material of the architecture itself. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Group Work With Chun-Chang Tsai
Additional Credits: GSAPP Adv. VI Studio
Instructor : Mimi Hoang
TA: Eugenie Bliah