Jimin Nam

Jimin Nam

New York, NY, US


joSon: The Intimate Portrait of Nature

Designer: Jimin Nam
Publisher: Graphis, Inc. (USA)

joSon: Intimate Portraits of Nature

In “joSon: Intimate Portraits of Nature,” the award-winning photographer takes us on an up-close and extraordinary journey through his masterful lens. From the vivid colors to the detailed textures of each petal, the large-format art book features more than 125 signature photographs from joSon’s “Fotanical Collection.” The images are showcased against a solid black or white background to emphasize their exquisite beauty.
More than 100 flower species are represented from all parts of the world. joSon’s magic is his ability to bring movement to a still image. Each bloom is like a dancer performing on stage - light, graceful, full of life. His work - a stunning mix of the familiar with the exotic - includes: California Poppy, Magnolia, Dahlia, Angel’s Trumpet, Columbine, Tulip, Water Lily, Dragon Fruit, Turquoise Puya, Pitcher Plant, Costa Rican Butterfly Vine, Monkey Hand Tree, Japanese Banana, as well as a captivating collection of orchids. “joSon: Intimate Portraits of Nature” is both a botanical reference guide and a timeless visual feast for discovering the wonders of nature that share our planet. It’s an absolute must-have for any collector of fine floral photography.

joSon was born and raised in the Philippines. At age ten, he was sent to live with his mother’s family in Vietnam, where he continued his education in a Buddhist Temple. “I thought it was my calling. The truth is: I never left the monkhood. I just left the temple.” The inspiration for his work is clear in joSon’s portraits, landscapes, and still life images—meditations on the nature of beauty in life’s simplest forms.

joSon’s work has appeared in international advertisements with clients that include:
Samsung Electronics, The United Nations, Time Warner Studios, Body & Bath Works. joSon’s work is available at

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Status: Built
My Role: Graphic Designer
Additional Credits: Photographer: joson Lee