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jie gu

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My name is Jie Gu, Before arriving at NYC I was an Architect who has been working in Beijing, China since 2004. I have been working in several international award-winning companies such as Aecom(one of the most competitive integrated design companies in the world) and a local Class-A design institute named BIAD which has the strongest technical capabilities in Beijing.

During my seven years’ professional working periods, I have experienced through all design procedure: from conceptual design to construction design; and in charge of as well as participated in a wide range of design types: from small scale such as interior design, architecture design to larger scale such as landscape design and urban design.

I am skilled in both 2D and 3D software such as PS, AI, GIS, Autocad, Rhino as well as Vary. In stead of hiring rendering companies I’d like to do the rendering work by myself, some of the project in my portfolio were both designed and rendered by myself. In addition, I have learned fine art since I was young so I am good at and interest in architectural sketches and landscape renderings. Finally, I can speak Mandarin/Chinese and English fluently.
In the end of May 2012 I will graduate and get a Master Degree of Urban Design from City college of New York, a university where Lewis Mumford, a master in urban research, graduated from. David.Harvey, Marshall Barmen, Tom angotti such famous professors taught me how cities and societies being created. Michael Sorkin, the principal of the Michael Sorkin Studio and director of Urban Design program in CCNY, one of the most famous urbanist and distinguish professor, guides me to design several cities all around world such as Lower Manhattan in NYC , Istanbul as well as in China. I have gotten a bachelor degree of Urban Environmental Design, an cross discipline program which include Urban design, Architecture design as well as Landscape design in Beijing, China.



Michael Sorkin Studio, New York, NY, US, urban designer

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City College of New York (CCNY), New York, NY, US, MArch, master of urban design

Aug 2011 - Jun 2012

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