Jiaying Mu

Jiaying Mu

Los Angeles, CA, US


DTLA Culture Hub

|Adviser: Steve Billings | 2016 |

The design was driven forward and tested through continuous
manipulation of models. The project was to transfer former parking lot
in little Tokyo into a sculpture park supporting MOCA Geffin.

Expanding to a city scale design, the park intertwined strongly with
purposed city tour routes creating a culture hub for art, community and
heritage. The aim was to create a flexible place to generate activities,
as well as a explorable experience providing better understanding of
art. Supporting the design, I thoroughly studied and designed multiple
exhibition space for each of the 12 sculptures, researched on festival
events and feasibility, attained field studies to understand the current
usage of site and surroundings,

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Individual