Jia Xin Chum

Jia Xin Chum

Singapore, SG



Through the traces of our civilisation, we have tamed the surfaces of the earth, exposed every grain within our atmosphere with the scents of our existence.


The ‘wilderness’ is no longer a physical construct.

It is an involuntary act of nature, an atmosphere; ephemeral.


It is the sudden tremors from the depths of the earth, the threatening torrent summoned from the sea. The atmosphere becomes stagnated momentarily with scents unfamiliar to us.

First introduced as a prosthesis to the human body, the gastrula becomes our second skin, allowing the most intimate possible contact with the elusive ‘wilderness’. Similar to gastrulation, a phase which preludes the embryonic development which differentiates a single layered cell into three distinct layers, the gastrula is the prosthesis of our epidermis. The triple layered membrane made breathable by synthetic fabric, forms an air ballast within, prompting the membrane structure to transform into either a parachute, an air cushion or a womb-like bubble depending on our instinctive reaction towards the ambush of the real wilderness.

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Status: Competition Entry