Juan Francisco Garces Echeverria

Juan Francisco Garces Echeverria

New York, NY, US

South Side
South Side
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Monvel House 2

This house was thought for an unknown family, a generic design to sell. Functionality, fast
construction and good use of the available space were its main goals. The house divides the
plot in two, leaving an entrance courtyard to one side and a garden to the other, two lateral
interior patios allow crossing. To the north a covered terrace runs all along the house. A big
roof window over the living room opens to the south east framing a view of the San Ramon
The plan is very simple, with served and servant spaces clearly distributed. Served spaces
(bedrooms, living and dining) oriented to the north (sunlight) and to the private garden, servant
spaces to the south, facing the entrance and car courtyard.
Exterior perimeter walls are made of concrete. Interior structures and partition walls inside
are of a more lightweight nature, made with steel frames, thus allowing future changes and
flexibility in the plan.

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Status: Built
Location: Santiago, CL
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Pablo Ropert F (

North Side
North Side