Jessica Cavallaris

Jessica Cavallaris

Chicago, IL, US

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I am a recent graduate from The University of Illinois at Chicago(May 2019) where I received my BArch with a minor in Art History.  In addition to my education at the University of Illinois at Chicago,  I have over eight years of AutoCAD experience.  I am particularly interested in architectural and art theory and thoroughly enjoy analytical and critical writing.  My architectural passion lies in creative interior work, and my ultimate goal is to work in short and long term interior retail installations. 

Full portfolio available upon request.  The upload limit will not allow more than samples to be displayed on Architect. 


The Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL, US, Graphic Design Intern

Work included but was not limited to:
Photo editing: color correcting, format changes, photo scaling
Photo Sourcing: sourcing and finding suitable images, contacting PR for permission to use or to obtain images
Formatting: formatting the covers for the magazine, formatting text and images for print, arranging text and images for both print and website use

Aug 2014 - May 2015

The Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago, Sales and Service Associate

Jun 2014 - Jan 2015


University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, BArch, Architecture, Art History

During my time at the University of Illinois at Chicago I have studied architecture in both the practical and thereotical senses. The projects I have completed range from in-depth investigations of interior details to comprehensive looks at megastructures. The education I have taken part in focused extensively on the connection between art and architectural theory and their practical applications to societal needs.

Aug 2013 - current

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