Jian Zheng

Jian Zheng

New York, NY, US


New York Rockaway boardwalk redesign

It is the construction of boardwalk that defined the boundary of human activity, after that the sand & issue become a problem people have to deal with. At first the boardwalk has nothing to do with sand with erosion, this natural activity lived together with the human construction.

As the beach becomes popular the erosion need to be solved to protect the human activity area, groins are built, making the erosion worse in some area. the close coastline becomes a threat to human property, so they dump the sand back to the beach, and build dams to protect their property from the strike of ocean.

After Hurricane Sandy people rebuilt the destroyed boadrwalk, in a totally different way, the boardwalk nowadays, quite different from the past, and changes from section to section, showing a series of social behaviors happen here. After the deeply research we find it as a big fake, the renovation will work on celebrate the erosion issue but not try to fight with it.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rockaway Beach, NY, US
My Role: Design of the whole program, research, booklet, main axon-metric drawings.
Additional Credits: Partner: Jingyuan Gao
Professor: Andres Jaque