Jessica Hamilton

Jessica Hamilton

Washington, DC, US



         I am looking forward in starting my professional career in an architectural firm or studio. I eat, breathe and sleep design. I believe that moments in a space make architecture.  Materials, massing, the play of light, shadows and simplicity create moments.  Furthermore, the experience  the user has in the space is essential.  Architecture may make a space unique and even beautiful but it should resonate with the user.  Experience and Moments should be synonymous when designing a space.

        I also enjoy product design, photography and the culinary arts.  I enjoy taking pictures of food, especially Mexican cuisine since it is my favorite.  My dream would be to design restaurants since my second passion is tasty and delicious food.  


Kling Stubbins (Jacobs), Washington, DC, US, Architectural Intern

To help project architects, architects, engineers to design, coordinate, create and correct construction documents, presentations, proposals and schematic designs.

Jan 2007 - May 2009


The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2013

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Industrial Design

To design a series of products for a summer course.

May 2009 - Aug 2009

Areas of Specialization