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Jeff Bailey

New York, NY, US

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Good design, distinguished by the extent that it offers curiosity and beguilement, that it affords an altered self, unwittingly, by simply being there. Maybe you’ve felt that richness of place, that vaunted voodoo of architecture, the kind that echoes in your consciousness long after you’ve returned to the humdrum. That’s my charge; to understand this magic and, with luck and earnest effort, one day perhaps to weave it.

My path has taken many turns along different avenues of discovery: from my scholastic background in history and philosophy, and my personal endeavors to travel and craft furniture, to my professional life built around architecture. Indeed, from my first dip into the profession, a co-op term at the age of seventeen, I’ve worked to advance my understanding and practice of architecture, to solve problems big and small, and through this progress my understanding of the relationships between us – we, people – and the worlds we inhabit – the built world, the natural world, the political world, to sight what we, as designers and architects, can do.

I bring on this pursuit, my tenacity, my focus, my tech savvy, my pragmatism and creative problem solving, my integrity, my off-beat sense of things, my love of heritage buildings, and my verve for possibility and difference.


HTO Architect, New York, NY, US, Project Manager & BIM Specialist

• Worked on multiple projects concurrently including managing a mid-rise luxury condo development in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York.
• Developed BIM models and drawings for projects in all stages of development from feasibility studies, to construction documents.
• Ensured compliance with building code and ADA standards.
• Conducted construction administration on project including site visits, reviewing submittals, and responding to RFIs.
• Produced renderings for marketing materials.
• Provided BIM support and mentorship to the whole firm.
• Educated firm’s associates on revit workflows and comparative advantages of BIM vs CAD for staffing and management decisions.
• Acted as the technical lead to resolve all issues relating to Revit including Revit Server issues, and Bim 360 Collaboration for Revit implementation.
• Developed and managed the ongoing overhaul of firm’s BIM standards.

Aug 2016 - Dec 2017

Diamond Schmitt Architects, Toronto, ON, CA, Technical Architectural Consultant

• Worked with a team as the lead Revit technical authority on the St. Jerome's University Residence and Academic Buildings.
• Developed and implemented workflows for Revit and Revit Server in an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) design process (one of the first IPD projects in Canada).
• Facilitated rapid iteration of designs and led changes to value engineer the buildings’ enclosure.
• Mentored my team members in best practices.
• Created custom Revit content.
• Developed accurate as-built models for the other campus buildings and modeled the site.

Dec 2013 - May 2014

BIM Solutions, Toronto, ON, CA, Project Manager

BIM Solutions was the branded BIM consultancy and Revit implementation arm of Richard Ziegler Architect Inc.

• At BIM solutions, I headed-up a team responsible for delivering as-built BIM models to the Canadian Department of Defense and Public Works and Government Services Canada.
• Created and updated Revit building models.
• Worked on several projects concurrently.
• Compiled archival information, original drawings, and visual data, as well as point-cloud data and hand measurements to gather multiple strong sets of data.
• Integrated this data into accurate and complete as-built building information models.
• Worked with point cloud and hand measurement data contractors and the client to create and execute schedules to meet deliverable deadlines.
• Designed and conducted quality assurance protocols to ensure the client received a complete and quality product.
• Worked on both new and heritage building stock.

May 2012 - Dec 2013

Richard Ziegler Architect Inc., Toronto, ON, CA, Architectural Technician

• Created and updated Revit models for various commercial, industrial, residential, automotive, and institutional projects as they moved through SD, DD, and CD phases.
• Worked with the principle architect (Richard Ziegler) and clients to discuss materials and designs
• Developed custom parametric family content.
• Organized firm’s digital libraries and established a content browser.
• Created new intuitive processes to keep project members updated about important digital changes in projects.
• Created sets of working drawings, coordination drawings, tender drawings, and construction documents as well as promotional material.
• Developed Details.
• Produced millwork Drawings.
• Created renderings for in house purposes, client meetings, and presentation material.

Jul 2006 - May 2012

HOK, Toronto, ON, CA, Technical Architectural Consultant

• Worked as the chief Revit technician on the BIM models for two luxury hotel developments for the Australia portion of the Oqyana “The World” project in Dubai.
• Implemented Revit with users who were still learning the ropes. Instructed and advised colleagues in Revit best practices and techniques and documented these techniques in instruction booklets for HOK's future reference.
• Participated in the discussions about the BIM worthiness of various projects as the firm pivoted towards Revit and away from CAD to best use available resources.
• Assisted with advanced modeling on the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

May 2008 - Oct 2008

Adamson and AAI, Toronto, ON, CA, Technical Architectural Consultant

• Worked with the architect of record for Renzo Piano’s The Shard, in London.
• Built computer models for visualization, rationalization of complex design elements, ongoing spatial analysis, as well as serving as the model for rendering.
• Built complex parametric families to accommodate unique floor plates/building conditions on every floor.
• Worked with the architect of record for Daniel Liebeskind’s Crystals at City Center, Las Vegas building the BIM model and developing it.
• Identified and corrected design flaws early in the design process.
• Leveraged the structural data within the model to speed the order for steel thereby avoiding an exponential increase in prices.
• Hacked Revit, finding innovative and creative technical solutions as the Revit platform was substantially less powerful or nimble then it’s current form. Much of our work was finding creative solutions, work-arounds, hacks, non-native revit applications and multiple softwares to eventually land on the finished product.

May 2007 - May 2008


Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, CA, Bachelors, Philosphy & History

Oct 2007 - May 2012

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