Juan del Toro Salas

Juan del Toro Salas

New York, NY, US



After working in late 2007 as an intern at the Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil, in April 2008 I finished my degree in Architecture from Higher Technical School of Architecture in the University of Seville, Spain and Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic, Italy. Since then I have worked in several architectural offices and have also done a Masters in Architecture and Heritage.
Currently I work at the Secretariat General of the United Nations in New York. Also I collaborate as a freelance with the architectural office "sbr11 arquitetos, engenheiros y consultores" ( which has offices in Spain and Brazil. On the other hand, I am also Honorary Assistant of the Department of Architectural DesignI and member of the Composite Research Group (HUM 711) in the same Department of Architectural Design at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in the University of Seville where I do a Doctoral Thesis.



United Nations, New York, NY, US, Intern

Since early November 2012 I'm doing an internship at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, in the Office of Central Support Services (OCSS). Specifically, I am working for the Overseas Propierties Management Unit, Facilities Management Services. I am currently in charge of the study, proposal and an urban design of a urban complex for a new facilities building in Tanzanya. Responsible for conceptual and detailed design of a new building for the UN in Tanzania. I have worked in 2D and 3D design (including renderings 3dmax) of the new complex of the UN in Tanzania. You've worked in the presentation of project managers in Tanzania and The Hague. Although the internship at the United Nations has a limited duration of three months, the experience I've had so far encourages me to continue working in an International Organization with the goal of establishing regional and urban strategies to help improve the lives of people and environmental protection. This leads me to want to continue developing my career as a researcher and architect in an International Organization where I can grow my vocation for the improvement of society and global communities.

Nov 2012 - current

Sbr11 arquitetos, engenheiros e consultores, São Paulo, BR, Project Architect

To "sbr11 arquitetos, engenheiros e consultores" I worked as a technical assistant to the company during its implantation in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The company is officially established in Brazil since May 2012. Since then I have worked for "sbr11" in national tenders for the FDE (Foundation for the Development of Education), SEF (Superintendent of Phisical Sapace University of São Paulo) and University of Campinas. In addition, I participated in the conceptual idea and the detailed design of a regional and urban strategy for a health city in a region of 500,000 people in Brazil. On the other hand, I have also assisted in the preparation of presentations given by the architectural office for Foreign Trade Agency of Andalusia in Spain with the intention of setting an example to other companies in the field of architecture and implementation for internationalization in the Brazilian market. The greatest achievement that I've gotten to sbr11 has been the implementation of the company in Brazil. It started a long way from working for "Orfila11 architects" and which has finally been possible. This work has allowed me to get to know the architect's work in an international environment where I had to adapt the knowledge acquired in Spain to the local situation in Brazil. On the other hand, I've managed to acquire work skills to develop in a competitive international environment. I also learned to can deal with an international environment dynamically adapting to the needs and requirements specific to a country with a different culture. Despite the problems and difficulties I have always tried to work with the idea that with a positive attitude you can achieve anything we set. I have great motivation for the development work on it in an international environment. Nevertheless, passionately desire to keep growing professionally and personally with the illusion of travel and work anywhere and any time.

Sep 2011 - Oct 2012

Orfila11 arquitectos, Sevilla, ES, Project Architect

I worked on the development of national and international tenders of Urban and Architectural desing and Territorial Development, with the preparation of the conceptual idea, design of construction details, general budgets. I have also been responsible for multilateral tenders to the Inter - American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank, developing proposals for improving neighborhoods, cities and regions in South America and Africa. During my work on "Orfilla11 arquitectos" I managed to work in different departments of the company which has given me a broad view on it. Participation in the work described above has been highly satisfactory to me, getting to make important contributions to the projects carried out both in its conceptual idea and in the development of technical details. In each of the departments (national tenders, multilateral tenders, international development ) have made significant achievements. The work done in the development of technical proposals of projects for national competitive tenders allowed me to acquire a great professional competence and mastery over matter: conceptual idea, design of construction details, general budgets. I've also gotten evaluate the ideas and experiences of others, with a great willingness to learn from others architects team components. I also managed skillfully handle some software necessary for the development and presentation or exhibition of the different phases of architecture and urban design: architectur revit, autocad, photoshop, in-design, prezi, presto. On the other hand, the work in both multilateral and bid preparation in the internationalization of the office allowed me to gain experience and skills in an international environment. In this regard, I have worked with great motivation and efficiently to fulfill the commitments, deadlines and results scheduled as agreed strategies. I am very proud of the results achieved in this area by implementing permanent office in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, having resolved harsh demands and paperwork from the government and Brazilian authorities. The passion I have felt in the development of this internationalization project motivates me every day to continue working in international environments and multicultural.

Oct 2009 - Sep 2011

Muvas arquitectos, Sevilla, ES, Junior Architect

I have worked in the rehabilitation of numerous residential buildings under the "Rehabilitation Singular" promoted by both the Governor of Spain. The program "Rehabilitation Singular" aims to solve problems of habitability to low-income people throughout the Region of Andalucia, promobiendo improving the living conditions of the people for a more prosperous economic development of the community. I have also acquired great responsibility in touch with technical managers with government andalucia, local contractors and suppliers in the delivery of supplies and services. On the other hand, I have participated in the project management of some projects that allowed me to approach the specific problems of the work of connstrucción and their efficient solution. I am proud of the work and achievements of the team that developed the rehabilitation projects, and we work efficiently with great responsibility and creativity to solve specific problems of people. The housing rehabilitation program within the "Rehabilitation Singular" promoted by the government of the region of Andalusia, Spain, was intended to address problems of habitability in residential buildings for people with a low income level. With the motivation to help solve specific problems of people I have worked proactively and open to new challenges and valuing the ideas and experiences of others. Finally, the work in this office not only allowed me to gain extensive knowledge about the actual work of the discipline, but also allowed me to give back to society. After a successful time where I had the opportunity to learn and work hard on the projects, I saw necessary for the development of my career to be part of a company with more complex projects that allow me to continue learning in other aspects of my professional discipline.

Apr 2008 - Sep 2009

M&T Ingenieria, Sevilla, ES, Intern

During my work in the company “M&T ingeniería acústica e instalaciones” worked on reform projects of commercial and apartments. Here I have made drafting and design minor details solving problems related fire protection, electrical, air conditioning and building materials, all according to the building codes. On the other hand, have made measurements of all items for executing the work and the preparation of the budgets for the various works. I have also maintained properly contact local suppliers in the delivery of supplies and services. In the “M&T ingeniería acústica e instalaciones” have successfully developed several projects to adapt fully commercial premises, including the budgets of these. This experience has allowed me to get on contact with building materials and real prices that they have the market. Besides this I have learned to maintain contact with local suppliers approaching, thus, to the reality of the execution of the work. I am proud to have responded with professionalism and commitment to all the goals set for my work in the company.

Mar 2008 - May 2008

Francisco Luna Aquitectos, Sevilla, Intern

I have worked in the architectural office of "Paco Luna y Alicia Peña" for an internship as a student of architecture. I have worked on developing two projects in public schools in the province of Seville, Spain. The job involved work related to architecture and construction engineering design: structure, electricity, water supply, sanitation, construction systems, fire protection, building materials and ventilation systems. During my work in this office I managed to complete the work on the technical design phase for the construction of two public schools. This was my first job as an architecture student and I learned the reality of the architectural profession in a professional office. I've also been mastered matter relating to the technical design of architectural projects aimed at building them. I am pleased to have resolved all the issues raised and have met the goals set in the office.

Sep 2006 - Jan 2007


Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. Spain, PhD, Architecture

In the research group "Composite" I am working as architect researcher in the development of an innovative line of research into the "contemporary habitability." Furthermore, within the joint investigaciónn by the group I'm developing my own doctoral thesis within the subject matter of "habitability and immune systems." The research group also are dedicated to the dissemination of our research through siminarios and conferences. Finally, we also present architectural proposals at international competitions of ideas in order to test the social field research carried out by the group. As architect researcher of the "composite research group" I managed to attend as a speaker at two major events in Latin America. On one hand, these minutes of conference on "Latin American City and Culture Symposium: New urban spatialities and territoriality" which was held in the city of Sao Carlos, Brazil. On the other hand, I have also participated in the "Tenth International Conference on Heritage and Building organized by the International Center for Heritage Conservation was held in the city of Santiago de Chile. Addition, in 2012 we presented proposals the international ideas competition "Emergency Interventions" organized by the "Pan American Observatory Planning and Landscape Architecture (".

The research group has also continuously develop a complex research project that aims to reflect on the problems of habitability in today's global society. From our point of view, the current architecture does not respond adequately to the social, environmental and economic aspects of society. An architecture for more than two centuries only focuses on the material and shape of the work built to lost sight of what should be really important for the discipline: people. Therefore, both from the research group and personally from my doctoral thesis aim to provide answers from current architectural culture to issues of living in contemporary global society, and more specifically on the problems of the people. Finally, I am doing a PhD we expect to have a significant impact on the research conducted by the research group.

Mar 2011 - current

Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. Spain, Masters, Architecture and Historical Heritage

It is a master that addresses the complexity of working with Heritage, using criteria of interdisciplinarity and territorialization, and the use of new technologies under advanced criteria in the protection of cultural property. He walks away from the university and compartmentalized, specific to each degree, and introduced into the real scenario where capital assets are managed particularly relevant. Is direct route to PhD (completion of the doctoral thesis) for both orientations, professional and research, the latter more specifically. The Masters also develops specific actions and business career guidance.

Outline of research:

- Methodological analysis of heritage.
- Heritage as a relationship between past and present.
- Action heritage from the normative, legal and administrative.
- Technical documentation and records charts.
- Criteria, methods and techniques for intervention in Equity.
- Heritage as a resource and society: revitalization and development.

Oct 2008 - Jan 2011

Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. Spain, BArch, Architecture

Complete studies of architectural and urban design. Includes high training courses in relation to the calculation of structures, construction, plumbing, electricity, fire, architectural and urban design, heritage, history of architecture, architectural composition, sustainability. During my studies I also got scholarship to study at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico of Milan, Italy, and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Viçosa, Brazil.

Oct 2000 - Apr 2008


Special mention Thesis in the Exhibition: “Locale/Globale, Mediterraneo Imaginario”., 1st Place

Mediterraneo Imaginario”. XIII Incontro Ischitano di Architettura Mediterranea. Istituto per L’Architecttura Mediterranea. Isola di Ischia. Napoli. Italia.


Areas of Specialization