Jason Orbe-Smith

Jason Orbe-Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Purple Violet

Purple Violet introduces the contemporary vernacular to a backwoods, off the grid cabin located in the forests of rural Canada. The project is a re-imagining of the wigwam of the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet people, creating a spatial interpretation of the traditional, locally sourced materials.

Purple Violet’s vivid color palette is derived from the contemporary abstraction of Canadian wildflowers painted onto vernacular wigwam bark. The irregularity of the material and coloration is contrasted with the clean form of the cabin.

The stacked, vertical construction of the bark along with minimal wood framing allows for an intricate interior spatial experience. The floor plan is left open and the beds unattached in order to allow for maximum movement and comfort for those who use the space.

The cabin is equipped with a simple wood burning stove as well as solar panels to provide minimal electricity needs. The cabin is to be used for writers, students and travelers to stay as a calm retreat while hiking and provide a warm shelter while remaining immersed in the wilderness.

In the summer, Purple Violet camouflages as native wildflowers grow around the planted landscape and on the roof garden. The roof garden functions as thermal mass in all seasons.

As summer passes by and winter takes over New Brunswick, Purple Violet settles in as a bright burst of color in the snowy landscape.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Additional Credits: Community Forests International
Cabin Design Competition 2014