Jorge Sobrevilla Cruz

Jorge Sobrevilla Cruz

Madrid, ES



How can you wear a costume to something that has no definite shape and also resists freezing, its essence is to have no limits?
Go where it resides, borders, boundaries, topological relationships with the senses.
The plot is weak and does not impose extreme boundaries conditions.
The building location requires a constant dialogue between exhibitionism and camouflage, as artistic production, confinement, interaction, advertising, provocation, submission...
The building must be able to accommodate the different footprints of each user, almost drawing the plant, which means flexibility and technical organization that makes the building disappear, our job is to disappear.
A workshop is noise, quiet, battlefield, pornographic and demure.
If we talk about art workshops, Do not scare the figure of a designer?
We need a covering associated to trees and hidden behind them. A way of Cassiers ditches to release the board where the workshops are placed.
We need a unique construction system that responds to the different variations and adaptations of different places. A fractal game that converts a two dimensions system into three dimensions through repetition and topological adaptation to the circumstances of different sites.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES