Jamie Subol

Jamie Subol

Jersey City, NJ, US


Work Samples

RELAX:form, NYC - A pop-up sound pavilion that acts as an escape for the user living in a fast-paced urban environment. The connectors are movable so that the pavilion can be made into different sizes and heights. The user can modify the interior via interactive touch screen computers. The amount of light and sound entering the interior depends on the user’s preference.

Electronic Music + Art Center, NYC - The EMAC aspires to bring together public spaces by integrating itself to the High Line, 14th st Park, and the Hudson River Greenway. The EMAC will provide the ‘stage’ to the performer and the audience, so that one can begin to connect themselves to the elevated park as well as the rest of the city. The EMAC will generate its own electricity through solar-fritted IGUs integrated into the facade. ETFE panels will control the amount of light entering the spaces. The outdoor performance area has a permeable ground surface that will collect rainwater into the entry lobby’s living machine, which will treat the rainwater to be used for the building’s sanitary facilities. The flexible blackbox theatre opens up to the Hudson River via large motorized doors, providing waterfront views and connecting the interior to the exterior.

Foundation for Art In the Environment, Santa Fe - This design is intended for the visitor to realize the idea of an artist’s project, visualize the fabrication process through the progression from one space to another, and finally, immerse themselves in the completion of the project. For the artist, this design will provide spaces for the artist to make art. The workshops and fabrication shops are centralized in order for the artist to focus on the process of making. The workshops are sunk into the earth in order for the artist to work privately, and the visitors are raised above in order to see the full process emerge.

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Status: Unbuilt