James Maldonado

James Maldonado

San Antonio, TX, US


Bus Stop Rhythm

The  location of this site is in Downtown San Antonio.  The goal of the project was to discover an urban space in need of an architectural intervention. The intervention needed to activate the space and create a new experience. The site chosen is located at a bustling spot that serves as a hub for sixteen bus routes.  I investigated the spot and analyzed the rhythm of the energy on the site.  It became apparent to me that the site needed a bus stop.  The bus stop I created would interact with the people along with the schedule of the bus routes.  As people sit at the designated benches for their bus they will begin to recognize a pattern between the architecture and the rhythm that people leave to catch their bus.  The process for  this project  directly relates time with form.  This became possible through the use of a time line which conceptually turns something  that is not physical into something graphic that I can  respond to .  Each peak represents a new bus route at a certain anticipated time.  

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Status: School Project
Location: San Antonio, TX, US