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MoMA Store Unveils New Terrain Vase by Architect Stephan Jaklitsch

By Archinect
Feb 20, '12 5:10 PM EST

Made entirely of biodegradable plastic, the Terrain Vase represents Jaklitsch's first design product

New York, NY - Stephan Jaklitsch, the architect and designer, has created his first home-decor product - designed exclusively for the MoMA Design Store.  Drawing inspiration from organic landscapes, this puzzle-like vase is composed of a series of interlocking panels has a unique undulating form that mimics the earth's natural tapestry. The eleven panels intersect to create multiple openings that support stems for a variety of flower arrangements. The Vase is made of environmentally-friendly, cornstarch-based PLA plastic in a contemporary glossy white finish.  The material is compostable, contains no toxins and is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics.  "It was important to me that the vase be fully biodegradable - so material research was a key component of the design process." Jaklitsch says. "Our goal was to create a beautiful, contemporary, and eco-friendly product."

Jaklitsch has an avid interest in the complexity and spatial qualities of puzzles. He is also fascinated by natural pattern formation, and has studied their development and observed their richness and texture.  Though Jaklitsch often designs custom furnishings and fittings to suit a project, designing the Terrain Vase was an opportunity to marry his disparate interests with an investigation into materials and processes.  "The design of the vase is more than sculptural; it is intended to engage the user and can be assembled in two mirror-like configurations," he says.

The Terrain Vase is 7''(h) x 8.5''(w) x 5"(d) and disassembles for easy cleaning.  The vase can be constructed in two opposing formations - allowing the user to group multiple vases and create an uninterrupted flowing design.  The Terrain Vase retails for $48 ($43.20 for MoMA members) and is available at the MoMA Design Store and online at