Jae Young Jo

Jae Young Jo

Watertown, MA, US

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Kyu Sung Woo Architects, Cambridge, MA, US, Architectural Designer

Being the only member of a design team at KSWA, I had the opportunity to work directly with the principal and participate across various stages of project administration including consultant selections, fee estimation, and client meetings. As an architectural designer at KSWA, I was able to manage not only different project phases but also various project types such as civic, religious, and residential. Throughout projects, I worked promptly to produce drawing documentations, both digital and physical models, and presentation packages. Specifically in the Paris Street Pool Renovations, I completed drawing sets for SD and DD, base drawings for CD, a material board, and an initial FF&E package. For the Hanmaum Zen Center, I completed two Concept Design packages producing drawings, physical models, and digital models, through which I coordinated with the structural engineer. I also reproduced graphic drawings of the Hanmaum Zen Center and the House II for promotional purposes of media publications and award entries. Collaborating with diverse professional consultants, I have developed communication skills to coordinate works and occasionally outsource necessary tasks. In addition to architectural projects, I managed general administration-related work to maintain the office in an organized and comfortable working environment.

Aug 2018 - current

FOX Architects, Washington, DC, US, Architectural Intern

Mainly worked on commercial building projects; produced digital drawings and models for DD; modified and finished draft renderings of elevations and interior spaces; assisted preparing slides for final presentation. Performed zoning analysis and made slides for proposal package to present to potential clients.

May 2017 - Aug 2017

3SIXØ Architecture, Providence, RI, US, Architectural Intern

Produced base drawings of existing residence after site visit and worked on several renovation schemes; made digital models for both the existing and proposed conditions of the building. Also completed short permit drawing set of an exterior staircase.

May 2016 - Aug 2017

PRAUD, Somerville, MA, US, Architectural Intern

Made physical and digital models to study typologies of reconfigured containers that could be used as kiosks for the Yeong-Cheon Horse Park Competition; also made a physical site model.

Jan 2016 - Feb 2016


Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI, US, BArch, Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture 2018
Bachelor of Fine Arts 2017

Sep 2011 - Jun 2018

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