Jack Guthrie

Jack Guthrie

Brisbane, AU



For the first half of third year in my Bachelor of Architectural Design program I was accepted in to the UQ Abroad program. For this semester I then spent 5 wonderful months on exchange at Technische Universität Berlin in Germany.

While studying in Berlin I was taught design by renowned Germany architect Christine Nickl-Weller. Her design speciality in hospitals and healthcare facilities saw us travel on a week-long excursion to Switzerland where we were given a site in Bern in which to re-plan and build a university and healthcare facility on.

Outside of university I experience much of what Berlin had to offer including visits to several of the city’s world-renowned museums and galleries, the Reichstag Building and WWII memorials and monuments. Outside of Berlin day trips were made to the nearby lake district, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and even to Szczecin in Poland. Further a field and trips to London over the Easter holidays and weekend trips to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and various parts of Germany were also common place.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Berlin, DE